Visesnut Case Review, French Polishing, New Herringbone and Armrest

Moving along on a new custom project that'll hopefully be strung up this coming week. I made an armrest similar to those found on many of the Australian guitars, though it will attach semi-permanently to the side as opposed to directly onto the binding channel. It has a bent laminated side for stability and a solid beveled top. Pretty slick!

I made a giant batch of herringbone purfling that will hopefully last for a couple of years. I don't even want to think about how much time or money goes into each one... I also took a picture of my wool French polishing pad that I've been using for five years now. Looks pretty gross, but it works great!

In other news, I received one of these Visesnut cases in the mail recently from the Brunés and I'm very happy with it. It supports the guitar very nicely on the interior, is FAR more rigid than the Eastman or BAM cases and has very cool latches that don't have any tongues peaking out looking to stab your guitar top!

Lastly, here's a photo of a western red cedar top that I started working on yesterday that shows the drastic difference between a reflective hand-planed surface and a relatively dull sanded surface.