New Videos and New Rosettes

The very nice people over as Siccas Guitars made a video of Spyros Konidaris playing my latest Concert Model that I delivered to them recently. Great playing and great recording!

In other news, I'm starting two new guitars. After the last two Romanillos rosettes, I'm going for a more restrained and modern look. The first is for a cedar top Modern Concert model and the second is for an aesthetically stripped-down spruce and walnut Classic Concert model. Very excited for both of these guitars.

Finally, I tried to make my own video of the Prelude from the lute suite in A minor BWV 997. Turns out it's actually a pretty good exercise to record yourself. As embarrassing as it may be, you can more objectively see and hear things that need to be worked on... and I've got plenty to work on! Anyway, I'm not crazy about this performance and I'm just getting the hang of this multiple camera angles things, so I will probably redo it, but here it is until I do.