Two New Guitars

Strung up these two guitars about a week ago and I'm finally getting some time write a bit about them. At a quick glance, they both look quite similar aesthetically, but they are quite different both in design and sound.

The first is my newest Classic Concert Model. It is what I have previously been calling my Torres Model, but while that was the original inspiration, I feel that it has become more generalized and is now more accurately my own interpretation and best effort to emphasize what I like most about this style of guitar. I has a very colorful old-world sound. It has a lower body frequency, a loose bloom to each note, but with a clarity and attack that speaks out an projects. It has a nice resonance and complexity, but isn't too chaotic at the same time. 

The second is a custom Modern Concert Model. It is as slightly larger body shape and braced quite differently. This guitar uses a bracing system inspired by a particular Barbero (hijo) guitar that I found particularly exciting, but modified the design a bit to reign in some of its raw enthusiasm. It has a slightly more robust and modern sound than my other model. It has a bigger dynamic range and a stiffer tension allowing the play to push it harder. It is a bit more homogenous across the strings and up and down the fretboard, but still very colorful and lively. It also features a sound-port and armrest. Tuners are made by Nicolo Alessi.