Playing Catch-Up

Been busy doing a lot of sanding and fussing in the shop. Here are some photos of the two guitars I’ve been working on after their first seal coats of shellac. One is custom for a client and the other will be my show guitar for the festival season. I surprisingly got a lot of requests for this simple headstock design, so I’m bringing it back!

The next guitar in line is similar to my show guitar. Custom spruce and ziricote. Very excited for this one. A few photos at the end of the top and back being joined and a short video planing and scraping the sides.

The very fine people over at Siccas Guitars in Karlsruhe, Germany made a nice video of Artur Miranda Azzi playing of Bach’s Allegro BWV 1003 on one of my Torres/Romanillos models. The break-neck tempo doesn’t necessarily show off the more intimate character of this guitar, but it’s some very impressive playing none the less! Here’s a link to the guitar on their website:

The guitar I sent to Galerie des Luthiers in Lyon sold within a week or two. I was extra happy with how that one turned out, so I’m glad they liked it too! I’ll have another in line for them around the end of the year. Otherwise, my wait list is now out to around to early 2020, so please don’t hesitate to contact me if you are interested. I’m always happy to answer questions.