Spruce/Ziricote Guitar

Recently finished and shipped out this CITES-free (appendix II) guitar. No import or export permit needing and no problems.

I’m very happy with how this one turned out. A lot of custom work and communication with the customer. It was a great experience that resulted and wonderful guitar. Here’s a little “review” from the client:

“…I’d say you build a very “musical” instrument, my friend, with a lyrical and articulate Old World voice, one that somehow manages to combine the clarity and precision of a Northern European guitar with the heart-grabbing “soul” of a Spanish one. It’s suitable for any type of music — contrapuntal, romantic, modern — and is just what I was looking for! The sound is bold and highly nuanced, with excellent clarity, balance and sustain. Even above the 12th fret, the trebles ring out evenly and with a very long decay. The notes carry weight, both individually and together, and there are no weak ones anywhere on the fingerboard that I can find. Trebles are bright, solid, and lively up the neck and don’t distort when played forte; mids are full and loaded with character; basses are deep and clear without any trace of muddiness. The whole package responds beautifully to vibrato everywhere. Overall, I think the sound is highly malleable, responding well to changes in right-hand attack and offering a color palette wide enough to satisfy any discriminating player. For a “traditional” guitar it has plenty of power, enough to fill a hall with clear. penetrating sound, making it a fine choice for the sort of recitalist who values color and beauty of tone above sheer volume. It’s a real winner, Michael, and I’m in love all over again!”

  • European spruce top

  • Ziricote back and sides

  • Spanish cedar neck with elevated fingerboard

  • Ebony fingerboard

  • Padouk bridge with 12 hole tie block and brass inserts

  • Scheller tuning machines