Splitting Bracewood, Rosette Tiles and French Polishing

In between French polishings sessions, I've been plugging away at some new stuff. The general theme lately has been the AVOIDANCE of noisy tools and sanding. SANDING IS THE WORST.

  • Splitting some Port Orford cedar with an axe. It's fun.
  • Made up a big old pile of black walnut and maple rosette tiles. Hopefully, this will last for a while...
  • Planing and scraping back a completed rosette.
  • French polishing and pore filling. I've gone back and forth with various pore filling techniques, but I always come back to the traditional pumice. It's really the best. All you need is some pumice, a bottle of booze, oil and shellac. It's quiet and kind of fun once you get the hang of it. Best of all, NO MASK AND NO SANDING!