GFA Convention

The convention came and went so quickly that it almost seems like it never happened. Got to see a lot of old friends, meet some new ones, talk shop with other luthiers, hear my guitars played by some amazing guitarists and see some AMAZING concerts. I didn't get to see everything because I had to man my table, but I managed to catch Raphaella Smits, Fabio Zanon, Duo Melis, Michael Nicolella, Judicael Perroy and Thibaut Garcia. All really great concerts!

It was also a treat to catch up with my old teacher Robert Ruck, see him give a lecture and be inducted in to the GFA Hall of Fame. Congratulations! Also, congratulations to all of the competition finalists.

Of course there was also a lot of celebrating and drinking at the end of each night and into the morning; at the Augustine reception, Marshall Brune, Max Sipe and I were practically cornered and handed glass after glass of the most expensive Scotch and tequila they had - not such a bad problem to have!