Some Kind of an Experiment

Strung up this new guitar last night and I'm very excited about how it turned out. It was a bit of an experiment. I was feeling particularly reckless when I started it and I decided to pick out a relatively plain-looking top (though quite good in terms of stiffness and runout) and pair it with a weird-looking maple/rosewood/walnut back. The idea was to make something a bit more unconventional in aesthetic, but very traditional in tonal character. The bracing is close to a Torres, which gives it a loose and open sound, but with a bit more lateral stiffness that brings it closer to a Granada style guitar in my opinion; the high-end is just a bit crisper, but not stiff at all. The first string is nice and even up the fretboard and has a gradual clear decay. There is kind of a hollow breath to the sound.

I'll be showing this guitar at the Vinyl and Music Festival in Vienna this coming weekend. Here a link for more information: