New Torres/Romanillos Model

Strung up the the latest Torres/Romanillos model that will be going to Galerie des Luthiers next week!

It’s been a little over a day now. I did the final set-up and put a fresh set of strings on yesterday. As early as it is, I’m extremely satisfied with the response and play-ability of instrument so far. Here are some of my impressions and thinking:

I’ve recently made a few changes in my approach to this model. I’ve felt that, while the lively and lush response of the traditional Torres sound can be very impressive, intimate and alluring, it can sometimes lack a bit of balance and evenness in higher frequencies. I’ve addressed this in some of my recent versions of this model by ever so slightly adjusting the soundboard and side construction. While, maintaining a low body resonance slightly above F#, I feel that it keeps the traditional allure, but greatly increases the balance and evenness of decay in the trebles. It also disciplines the basses in a way that allows for a slightly larger dynamic range. I also believe that it balances and cleans up the overall frequency response and allows it to project better in a larger room.

  • European spruce top

  • Indian rosewood back and sides

  • Spanish cedar neck

  • Ebony fingerboard

  • 52mm nut width

  • 43mm string spacing at nut/58mm at bridge

  • Scheller tuning machines with real mother of pearl buttons