New Guitars, New Lute, New Video and Lots of Photos...

I was lucky enough to purchase a 1975 Robert Lundberg 10-course renaissance lute last week! It is in great playing condition. There are a few well repaired cracks and it looks as though the previous owner didn't know how to tie frets properly subsequently putting a couple of big burn marks on the neck. It's unfortunate, but only cosmetic. I've got it in tune, but it definitely needs new frets and new strings as the current ones must be over 20 years old!

In other news, I'm just started putting finish on two new guitars. One is a custom spruce concert model with an elevated fingerboard and the other is a straight-forward western red cedar topped concert model.

I also made a new video of my Torres model that is at the Rosewood Guitar shop with my friend Ryan on clavichord.