It's been a long week. My whole family came down with a stomach flu and I’ve been trying to catch up ever since. I’ve also been trying to post less on social media, so I’m going to try to condense some of this stuff into one long post.

I’m assembling two guitars at the moment. One for a good friend of mine and the other for festivals this summer. Here are a few photos from the week’s work and a list of the festivals I will be showing at this summer so far. I may add one more, but this is it for now:

  • Heinsberg International Guitar festival (Heinsberg, Germany, May 29-June 1st)

  • Koblenz International Guitar festival (Koblenz, Germany, June 2-5th)

  • Guitar Foundation of America Convention (Miami, Florida, June 18-22nd)

  • Gitarrenfestival Seckau (Seckau, Austria, July 20-28)

I’ve gotten a number of inquires lately about my wait-list. I think I have room for one more guitar in 2019 and then I’ll be taking orders for 2020. Please send me an email if you interested.

I recently sent a guitar to the wonderful people at Galerie des Luthiers in Lyon, France. I’ve already posted quite a few photos during the building of it, but here is a link to it on their website. I’m very happy with how this one turned out, so please stop in to check it out and support them if you are in the area! They have a nice collection of fine instruments and also host concerts regularly.